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Learn To Fly 3

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Learn To Fly 3 is a flash game, created by Light Bringer and distributed by MaxGames, in which you play the role of a penguin. Your job (as a penguin) is to Learn To Fly. Of course, you won’t do it the old fashion way, you will have gadgets and upgrades at your disposal. Let me explain: for each level completed you get paid an amount of cash. You will use this cash to buy a glider or a rocket, to make a better score in the next level. This helps you get to the next level, and so on. The controls are easy to use: Left key – move back, Right key – move forward. At the beginning of the game, first days, you should keep your penguin as flat as he can be, so he “slides” on the water surface. When you buy a glider, that is when the game becomes more complicated, and the strategy kicks in.

You will need to come up with strategies that help you make a difference in the way you fly. Also, the rocket (you will buy the rocket eventually) requires great precision to use the fuel to its full potential. This requires pressing the Space button and releasing it just at the right time. Some players even suggested tapping the space button. Your goal in this game is to fly as far, high and long as you can. For each flight distance, height and time you get multipliers (from 1 to 3). Also, you receive money for these 3 characteristics. Keep in mind that in game Learn To Fly 3 achievements are very important, as you need a number of them to unlock the next levels. Also, completing achievements gives you extra cash for your penguin equipment. There are four main upgrades to choose from.

1) Ramp Height: This upgrade gives you the opportunity to start the level from a higher point.
2) Acceleration: Makes the ramp more slippery so you will get a faster start.
3) Air Resistance: This should help you keep your speed longer. Air resistance requires a great Glider to be used to its full potential. Using a bad glider will make you fall.
4) Rockets: They offer you more speed and a boost, but they require Rocket Fuel to keep them burning for a longer time.

In Conclusion:

To sum things up, this is a great and fun game, which requires dexterity for the handling of your "Character", but also a good amount of planning and strategy of the flight. Each move you make can affect the planning of the next level. Achievements make the game a lot of fun, giving you the possibility to earn some extra cash for your equipment. The fact that the game is structured on days makes it even more interesting for the storyline.